Wife's outfit!  

asian_ass_mi 44M/34F
47 posts
9/29/2019 6:55 pm
Wife's outfit!

For the gang bang, you want wifes outfit be:

1. Slutty School ?
2. Slutty Nurse?
3. Slutty Librarian?
4. Slutty Police?
Slutty School girl?
Slutty Nurse?
Slutty Police?
Slutty librarian?

rancheroman66 59M  
53 posts
9/30/2019 6:58 am

Is she going to have it on long??

asian_ass_mi replies on 9/30/2019 9:26 am:
My wife....lol...no....she does not wear panties too often either....She was requested to wear them and pushed to the side for a recent fuck on here....


asian_ass_mi replies on 9/30/2019 3:18 pm:

ezsuckfuck4u 52M
21 posts
9/30/2019 8:44 am

I just can't wait to taste her body and fuck all three of her very wet holes. I also would just love to clean up her pussy, ass, and mouth after all the men cum inside of her with my tongue and mouth , YUMMY!

asian_ass_mi replies on 9/30/2019 9:36 am:
We have found our clean up man! Dripping cum in isle 2! IM us

StormchaserSTL 35M
14 posts
9/30/2019 8:09 pm

Id go schoolgirl, with nurse a close 2nd!

TheElitesTRIAL 25M
38 posts
10/1/2019 5:28 am

Thought Police would be interesting, give her some authority. Schoolgirl seems cliché. either way tear that ass up!

asian_ass_mi replies on 10/1/2019 3:38 pm:
Tru dat! Not a bad idea! Wife has a police outfit she wore a few years ago. I will dig it up and post on here.

needsumluvn54 61M
68 posts
10/1/2019 5:48 am

Asian girls are the best...outfit or not.

hillcountryman60 60M
122 posts
10/1/2019 10:05 am

go with the librarian that way she wears glasses and a huge facial covering her glasses and red slut lipstick is hot!

asian_ass_mi replies on 10/1/2019 3:37 pm:
Hello Hillcountry.

Not a bad fucking idea! lol....i will consider. U live in MI?

asian_ass_mi 44M/34F
16 posts
10/1/2019 4:10 pm

Lots of comments but only one guy asking in.......targeting around halloween

asian_ass_mi 44M/34F
16 posts
10/1/2019 6:32 pm

slutty librarian is making ground!

NewCD903 26T
9 posts
10/1/2019 9:51 pm

That’s hot

Maxbillion87 32M
37 posts
10/2/2019 2:25 am

School girl is always sexy where you guys located would love to join

LickU4Hours55 48M
19 posts
10/2/2019 5:35 am

I like it..and I like free points too

michfun2017 49M
17 posts
10/2/2019 10:03 am

Definitely a slutty, cum thirsty school girl

asian_ass_mi replies on 10/2/2019 6:13 pm:
lol you must know wife! IM us.

LickU4Hours55 48M
19 posts
10/2/2019 7:41 pm

Good story...and I get points too

dontcumtoofast 33M
69 posts
10/2/2019 9:15 pm

fuck the police, lol yeah

Drthickhardcock8 31M
24 posts
10/4/2019 7:07 am

Ill fuck all 3 to be honest

love2lick_you 52M  
118 posts
10/4/2019 11:33 am

The best outfit is no outfit! I can do weekend of 10/25...

Buds7974 45M
15 posts
10/4/2019 1:30 pm

I think as long as your wife is in any outfit Id fuck her as well

danniewatches2 59M
58 posts
10/4/2019 2:34 pm

I had a night of lust in a library once. She was dressed to please me and was freshly shaved. I made her show off her wears when people weren't looking. We would sneak feels throughout the building. She got a tongue on the stairs while I made her stand and I kneeled under her. Just thinking about it make me leak.

Discreetdata69 46M
147 posts
10/4/2019 9:04 pm

She has a very sexy butt!

Hungforall54 26M
25 posts
10/5/2019 5:22 am

Not opposed to any of those.

NaughtyFunIn313 49M
7 posts
10/5/2019 4:19 pm

Slutty School Girl for sure.

myshorty1983 38M/30F
5 posts
10/6/2019 6:30 pm

I have seen her in all of them! I am usually with her when she buys them. John am i invited? I won't tell her....

myshorty1983 38M/30F
5 posts
10/6/2019 6:30 pm

johnsonstan57 58M
6 posts
10/8/2019 7:02 am

sexy police all day long

myshorty1983 38M/30F
5 posts
10/11/2019 2:57 pm

Can't wait! We going shopping in morn?

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