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Weekend Adventure
Posted:Oct 10, 2019 6:55 am
Last Updated:Oct 14, 2019 1:16 pm

This past weekend, the wife and I had an amazing spontaneous evening. We have been looking for a unicorn to join us for a little while now and have been having little success. We had talked at one point about exploring with another couple, but I did not think that I would be able to come to terms with another man being with my wife. I tend to be a little possessive.

Well, we had some friends visiting from out of town and turns out they have been looking for something similar to what we have been looking for. Neither of us had considered nor wanted to explore this with friends because we didn’t want to ruin any friendships. As the night developed, we all settled into our comfort zones and we ended up talking about our sexlifes.

As we discussed what turns us on and what we enjoy, I ended up pulling out one of my ropes and demonstrating a few ties that we enjoy. When our friends stated that they were more interested in a full body harness, I went to demonstrate a basic karada body tie. Our female friend asked, “Your gonna leave her pants on?”

I gave my wife a questioning look, and feeling that the moment was right, I pulled her pants off of her and continued to demonstrate the tie. At this point, we were discussing the different toys that we possessed and move our conversation to the bedroom. Where we put our collection on display.

We gave our friends a leg spreader and wrist restraints and our male friend placed them on his wife as a demonstration. He let her back out of them shortly and I grabbed my flogger and flung my wife down, bent over the bed and demonstrated. Our male friend stated that he didn’t need a flogger and threw his wife down next to mine and spanked her with his hand. I offered him the flogger and he tried it out.

Next thing I know my wife is complaining that she is the only one naked and pulls my pants off of me! We start kissing and fooling around even more. She tells our friends, they are gonna need to leave the room so that we can get started.

At this point I throw her down onto the bed on her back and start playing with her pussy and she tells our friends they really need to leave now. But our female friend is face down on the bed and we notice that her husband is starting to play with her.

At first we both think, ok well we are all just gunna have sex in the same room together so lets respect each others space and mind our eyes. Then our female friend reaches up and pulls my wifes hair!

The flogger ends up getting passed around and everyone ends up getting spanked a little! The girls are pulling each others hair and fondling each other’s breasts! At one point, my wife ended up kissing and sucking on our female friends nipples while I was fucking my wife.

Now we did not end up switching partners and contact was minual between the two couples but it was an amazing night! The event was spontaneous, sexy, naughty, and just plain hot! Afterwards, we were worried that it would end up being awkward the next day but it wasn’t! We don’t know if anything will ever happen again, but it's an experience we want to have again.

We want our next adventure to be as comfortable and spontaneous as this one amazing night was!
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