Yes he's blocked  

Nemplsgrl44 47F  
373 posts
10/10/2019 4:31 pm
Yes he's blocked

Yes we've talked before...

Nemplsgrl44 47F  
172 posts
10/10/2019 4:32 pm

Now what?

Nemplsgrl44 47F  
172 posts
10/10/2019 4:32 pm

I'm trying to be nice butttttt yea.

12211male 55M/101F  
163 posts
10/10/2019 4:36 pm

Some just can’t handle rejection..

bacaunco 69M
32 posts
10/10/2019 4:47 pm

to fly to Minneapolis? must not ant women where he lives

Fun_redhead6920 19M
3 posts
10/10/2019 4:51 pm


Lucielulu01 50M/44F  
2 posts
10/10/2019 4:51 pm

this is very typical response for some men.

2Saltie2 62F  
1714 posts
10/10/2019 4:59 pm

I don't think you can do anything else. Don't be suprised if he makes a new name. Had a few do that to me after blocking or not answering. One had three names.

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iwant2learnit 49M  
491 posts
10/10/2019 5:17 pm

I bet he sends that same message to every woman he contacts, just figuring he'll keep playing the odds until it works.

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VeryUninterested 46F  
3 posts
10/10/2019 5:32 pm

Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl, I feel you. It's better to just block the ones you aren't interested in. Most can't take no for an answer. And they damn sure don't read profiles lol. Good luck sis

Nemplsgrl44 47F  
172 posts
10/10/2019 5:53 pm

Like I said he's blocked I checked again. And wearing me down confirms the harrassment....not cool at all period and again he's blocked.

EnigmaInitiative 51F  
1329 posts
10/10/2019 6:13 pm

I'm learning some people don't deserve our empathy.

Since you've already blocked him? I'm not sure there is much else you can do.

Hang in there.

Happy Thursday

Nemplsgrl44 replies on 10/10/2019 6:34 pm:
Thanks sweetness!

jolielaide 48F  
808 posts
10/10/2019 8:35 pm

if you gotta block, then block.

s2ndegree 60M  
9387 posts
10/10/2019 8:55 pm

I thought your auto reply was doing a good job until
he got you to do just what he wanted by you
replying! I know a lot of you like to see how far some of these
pseudo guys will go but you need to remember once you engage
them they'll just keep it up!

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jajo696 64F
832 posts
10/11/2019 12:10 am

Ignore ....ignore..ignore.....delete....delete....delete....Once he gets no response ....for awhile, he will move on to the next person. ANY activity ( even blocking ) is a response. DO NOT ENGAGE with nonsense! Good Luck ~~

Nemplsgrl44 47F  
172 posts
10/11/2019 4:33 am

You guys he's blocked and he's been doing this for years. I have reported him several times have screen shots of me telling several times I'm not interested please leave me the fuck alone. Years of harassing! And again he's blocked all the check marks are checked.

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